Here comes life! Heey, wait a sec!

You woke up one day and found yourself thrown on a random planet called earth! What can you do..? It wasn’t your decision! It just happened!
If you’re lucky, you get to live in a place where you can focus on more relevant issues than food and shelter. The unlucky ones are stuck in a vicious circle. Every day they have to work hard just to survive. If they don’t, they will get hungry and cold. Discomfort and pain, every single day! That’s not fair. It shouldn’t be like that in the modern age! Wouldn’t be fair to make this journey, which we never sign for, comfortable for everyone who’s thrown in here?

Change can’t start from the unlucky ones. How could it when they need to work all day just to eat? We, the “lucky” ones, the ones that never need to worry about such commodities, have to do it! We have to think for a moment. Each of us are living beings. Each of us is human. With a bit of empathy it’s possible to see beyond illusions, to see what is truly important.

Nobody chose to be born. We’ve all been taken for a ride without our consent. Now as good guests and with all the knowledge we accumulated over the centuries, it’s possible to make this ride as pleasant as possible. Shouldn’t that be our most important goal as a race?!

For some reason, we chose something different. We chose to ignore what’s truly important and run after illusions. Our ego can be thanked for that. We believe it’s us against the world. Some of us want power. Some of us can’t accept the bigger picture. Some of us are controlled by the media which tells us to consume, consume, consume, new, new, new. Millions of illusions blind us!

I wonder how much longer can the illusions last? Will we destroy ourselves due to them? Or finally progress as a whole? Here’s an interesting thought:
We became conscious from unconscious when we were born. One day we will die and become once again unconscious. If you look closely, you can see resurrection everywhere, a flower, a tree, an animal, nature works in cycles. What if you’ll reborn(turn from unconscious into conscious again) as one of the unlucky ones next time? Wouldn’t it be best for all of us to transcend this deplorable state? 🙂