A walk without destination…

I think the most beautiful walks you could ever take are the ones without a clear destination. Bonus points if you get lost.Then it becomes an real adventure! Now think about life. Isn’t it similar to a random walking. You don’t know where you’re going but you keep on moving until the very end.
Why are there so many of us searching for meaning in life? Why can’t we just enjoy it without looking at every little corner for something that probably isn’t there? What if it doesn’t have a meaning just because it’s much more enjoyable? Just as our lovely walk without a destination life is more enjoyable without a goal!

What a scary notion for us, humans! Living without a goal, not knowing what we want. So uncertain, so contingent!

But what do you suppose it will happen if we manage to take off the black veil and accept life for what it really is? I think the way we see life will change. Everyone would be a wanderer. We would understand that there are thousands of paths one could choose from. We wouldn’t take everything so serious…after all it’s just a walk and everybody comes back home sooner or later.
Try to change. Try to view the big picture. Keep on walking my friends!